Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Activities for a blog

1 Student's hand in compositions on the blog

2 Get a class to managed the blog

In small groups they manage the blog for a week, during which time they could do the following:

find on the net...
  • Website of the week (with a short description and explanation of why they like it)
  • Joke of the week
  • YouTube video of the week
  • Trailer of the week (lots of film trailers are also to be found on YouTube)
  • Song of the week (which could also be a YT video, with a link to the lyrics)
  • English phrase of the week
  • Lexical set of the week (what vocabulary have you been teaching them...?)
  • Photo (or other artwork) of the week (one that the kids have taken, that is...)
  • Issue of the week (something topical that might spark debate)
  • Real news items they write (Barça, their actual school sports teams)
What is posted could generate comments from other students

3 | Group blogs
Get them to set it up, design it, do literally everything on it...

More ideas for podcasting

Some other possible ideas for podcasts:
  • A regular series (weekly...? monthly...?) news bulletin about Barcelona (or about your school...?)
  • Presenting ourselves (for example if you were going to do a project with other schools)
  • Films we've seen (or other cultural events)
  • Barça match reports (or match reports on games your kids played against other schools...)
  • Dramatizations (adaptations?) of the dialogues in your coursebook
  • Some other subject of interest to your learners

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